Impegni per i candidati e le candidate alle elezioni del Parlamento Europeo

Al parlamento europeo, metti tra le tue priorità la costruzione di un'Europa e di un mondo sano!

La salute è universalmente riconosciuta come un diritto umano fondamentale per il benessere individuale e come presupposto per una crescita e uno sviluppo che siano inclusivi e equi. Il raggiungimento del più alto livello possibile di salute, per tutti e tutte, è parte integrante e pietra miliare delle società con economie prospere, nonché un principio condiviso tra i diversi paesi Europei e i loro partner. La protezione dei diritti umani e la promozione dello sviluppo sostenibile sono sanciti tra i valori fondamentali dell'Unione Europea e fanno parte della sua visione in quanto attore globale. Se l'Unione europea, tra i maggiori donatori di aiuti allo sviluppo del mondo e con un ruolo di primo piano in questo campo, vuole raggiungere gli obiettivi della sua politica per lo sviluppo, allora diventa cruciale investire nella salute globale e dotarsi, nei diversi settori coinvolti, di coerenza politica.

Se sarò eletto/a nel Parlamento Europeo, alle elezioni del 2014, mi impegno a:

  • sostenere l'obiettivo che ciascuna persona, senza discriminazione alcuna di genere, età, orientamento sessuale, religione, reddito e provenienza geografica abbia accesso ai servizi sanitari integrati, accessibili e di qualità accettabile
  • garantire che il sostegno dell'UE alla salute globale continui con investimenti europei sostanziali ed effettivi nel campo della salute globale
  • sostenere l'obiettivo dello 0,7% del prodotto interno lordo da investire in aiuto pubblico allo sviluppo (APS) e lavorare affinché le tendenze in diminuzione siano invertite
  • esplorare potenziali meccanismi finanziari innovativi per lo sviluppo (come ad esempio la Financial Transaciton Tax) come opportunità per aumentare il finanziamento per l'APS, incluso quello per la salute
  • sostenere la trasparenza e l'accountability , all'interno delle istituzioni dell'UE e nel mio stesso paese, sull'APS speso per la salute
  • assicurare lo sviluppo di una strategia di salute globale dell'Unione Europea e l'attuazione delle politiche europee già esistenti in ambito di salute globale
  • garantire che gli accordi politici, legali e commerciali dell'UE non diventino ostacolo all'accesso ai medicinali salvavita, alle tecnologie di diagnosi e di prevenzione
  • sostenere gli investimenti per la ricerca e lo sviluppo di nuove e migliori tecnologie per la prevenzione, la diagnosi e la cura per combattere le urgenti minacce sanitarie globali


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Norbert Neuser | Germany | MEP | S&D

A crucial initiative for the people in ACP countries - the basis for development. I am happy to support this!


Marilena Bertini | Italy | MEP candidate | PD

The Right to Health is essential for all civil society


Biljana Borzan | Croatia | MEP| S&D

As a medical doctor I fully support this initiative. If elected, universal health care will be one of my priorities.


Jeroni Vergeer | Netherlands | MEP candidate| GroenLinks

Currently, heath care is not accessible and of the same quality for all people around the world. Health care is a human right and needs to be improved in many places. I support this pledge and will fight for better heath care.


Glenis Willmott | UK | MEP | Labour, S&D

I will continue my work on the prevention of chronic diseases, health equality and TB prevention and treatment in the next Parliament.


Iratxe Garcia Perez | Spain | MEP | PSOE, S&D

I totally agree with this important iniciative for health and for equality. Thanks!


Lara De Brito | Netherlands | MEP candidate | GroenLinks

Health care is a basic human right, we should act according to it.


Sandrine Bélier | France | MEP | Europe Ecologie (Greens)

In our 2014 manifesto, we, Greens, included health in nearly all the policy areas, mainly in the context of environmental health but also on social protection. An inclusive economy that takes into consideration not only the people, but the environment from where resources are sourced, is important to our society. A new deal is needed for Europe and it has to be based on sustainability, focusing on delivering real and tangible well-being to people living in Europe.
Neoliberal policies have not improved, but rather worsened the situation of many. We strongly believe that changing this has to be the number one priority for the EU Institutions over the next five years. Similarly, this also applies to the way trade policy is being conducted within the EU, which needs to show respect and solidarity to our global partners.


Benoit Faucheux | France | MEP candidate | Europe Ecologie (Greens)

Health is a fundamental right. My professional and activist experience reinforces my conviction that the improvement of living conditions of populations is multidimensional. Economy, social and environment must be processed together by policies and development programmes strongly associating the public and stakeholders.


Alain Lamassoure | France | MEP | EPP

I fully support this initiative.


Ricardo Cortés Lastra | Spain | MEP | PSOE

Urgent and decisive action. This is the healthy Europe we need.


Christine Revault d'Allonnes Bonnefoy | France | MEP | Parti socialiste PSE

Yes, I support this initiative.


Emilie Peeters | Belgium | MEP candidate | sp.a, S&D

Health is a basic human right but unfortunately not always recognized as such. Too often people face huge barriers to access health care. Access to affordable, accessible and quality health care for all is not only a matter of public health but it definitely also has crucial economic and environmental benefits. We need to ensure that Europe takes its responsibility to strengthen its core values of human rights, social welfare, equality and the principle of shared responsibility inside and outside the EU borders. That is why I fully support this global health pledge and promise to take action when elected as MEP.


Argyrios Panagopoulos | Italy, Greece | MEP candidate | L'Altra Europa con Tsipras

The policies of the European Commission, the European Council and of most national governments destroy public health, and the rights of citizens for public assistance. Already in Greece more than three million people have no right to public health care because those who lose their jobs and the right to lead a dignified life also lose the right to be taken cared for. In Spain, Portugal and Italy public health is fragmented to offer places to be tested. I support your appeal with the belief that building a healthy world must start first of all by our European societies, without exclusions.


Clarisse Heusquin | France | MEP candidate | EELV

Yes, health is a priority. It is more than a right, it is a necessity. Health is a necessity because for humanity and the planet it must be at the heart of any social project.


Sophie in 't Veld | Netherlands | MEP | d66/alde

1.To support the aim that everyone, without discrimination on any grounds, such as gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, income and geographic origin, should have access to timely, affordable, acceptable,and integrated quality health services.


Isabelle Thomas | France | MEP | Parti socialiste

I support this initiative.


Tanja Fajon | Slovenia | MEP | S&D

I pledge for more protection against unequal treatment in healthcare!


Sergio Cofferati | Italy | MEP | Partito Democratico, S&D

I strongly support this initiative.


Marie-Paule Prost-Heinisch | Luxembourg | MEP candidate | ALDE

Having been the CEO of the Luxembourg Cancer Foundation for 20 years and as board member of the Luxembourg Red Cross, I pledge to make health in Europe and in the world one of my priorities.


Eric Andrieu | France | MEP | PS, S&D

I fully support this initiative for a healthy Europe and a healthy world.


Lammert Van Raan | Netherlands | MEP candidate | Partij voor de Dieren

The future will be green, the future will be sustainable. Our slogan is: The planet offers enough for everyone's need, but not for everyone's greed.'


Catherine Trautmann | France | MEP | Parti Socialiste, S&D

Access to health services is essential for all people. I fully support this initiative.


Terry Reintke | Germany | MEP candidate | Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen

The Right to Health is being challenged in many different ways at the moment. Thanks for this pledge for sending a strong sign for the right to health!


Violeta Vajda | United Kingdom | MEP candidate | Green Party of England and Wales

The Green Party's comitted not only to supporting continued investment in health, but most crucially to ensuring that this investment reaches everybody and helps tackle global inequality. We have championed the FTT as a crucial instrument in creating the financial basis for our commitments and are opposed to the TTIP and other trade agreements that would allow corporate interest to hold governments hostage to the priorities of big business rather than the health of their citizens.The Green Party is also the only party that is fully committed to environmental principles when it comes to economic growth, firmly opposing nuclear power, fracking and other exploitative energy policies that have a detrimental effect on human health.


Aldo Mussi | United Kingdom | MEP candidate | Green Party

As a Green, I am enthusiastic about this pledge - and as a public health specialist, I am very aware of its relevance. Best wishes for the campaign.


Rubio Milagros | Spain | MEP candidate | Izquierda-ezkerra

Equal rights for everyone, especially in the field of health, is essential to have a minimum floor for social justice.


Catherine Stihler | Scotland | MEP | Labour Party

I will continue my work on the prevention of chronic diseases, health equality and TB prevention and treatment in the next Parliament.


Niko Koffeman | Netherlands | MEP candidate | Partij voor de Dieren (animal rights party)

We support the aim that 1 % of gross national income be spent on official development assistance (ODA) and we work towards the reverse of cuts in health ODA.


Jean-Louis Cottigny | France | MEP | PS France, S&D

I fully support this initiative! Thank you! Merci!


Mark Ereira-Guyer | United Kingdom | MEP candidate | Green Party

Fully endorse this and all the aspirations within.!


Nicolas Gaborit | France | MEP candidate | Parti Socialiste

I support this initiative.


José Ramón Jáuregui Atondo | Spain | MEP | PSOE, S&D


Kamel Djebbar | France | MEP candidate | parti socialiste

Yes, to making health a priority!


Marc Tarabella | Belgium | MEP | Parti socialiste

I support this action.


John Howarth | United Kingdom | MEP candidate | Labour

If elected I will take an interest in global health issues alongside my other responsibilities. I would intend to use my position where I can to assist a number of charitable causes in the health field within the UK to further medical research.


Daniela Padoan | Italy | MEP candidate | L'Altra Europa con Tsipras

I agree strongly to the demands of the Global Health Pledge for Global Health.


Nathalie Griesbeck | France | MEP | UDI-MODEM

Every day, hundreds of thousands of men and women face a dilemma: to get better - but poorer - or waive their access to health services. We must act, and do more, because access to health is a universal right. I support the Manifesto for Global Health, and agree to work and continue to act for access for all to affordable and quality health services. We Europeans (Alternative UDI-MoDEM) also urge the EU, which leads the fight against extreme poverty, to devote a substantial part of the proceeds from a financial transaction tax to development policies.


Isabella Cirelli | Italy | MEP candidate | L'Altra Europa con Tsipras

Access to health care should be a right for all. Health care is a human right but unfortunately it is not accessible for all people around the world. Neoliberal and austerity policies have worsened the situation of many in the EU. Changing this has to be the number one priority for the EU Institutions over the next five years to ensure that Europe takes its responsibility to strengthen its core values of human rights, social welfare, equality and the principle of shared responsibility inside and outside the EU borders. I endorse the global health pledge and promise to take action to improve it.


Felice Roberto Pizzuti | Italy | MEP candidate | L'Altra Europa con Tsipras

I've been already working on these topics and I will for sure continue support any kind of iniciative in favour of a public and efficient health system.


Patrizia Toia | Italy | MEP candidate | Partito Democratico - S&D

I have always been interested by the close partnerships around this initiative, and I am therefore very happy to support your campaign.


Gina Dowding | United Kingdom | MEP candidate | Green Party

Thank you for highlighting the important goals for health improvements. As a former public health worker I am fullly supportive of your campaign for greater investment in global health. This weekin my current role as a Green party County Councillor I am bringing to my local council a request for them to support the FTT as a way of increasing finance avaiable for public spending on services which will bring greater health benefits.


Amaury Caprasse | Belgium | MEP candidate | Parti Socialiste

Fully in favour of quality health services for all !


Andreas Papadopoulos | Greece | MEP candidate | Democratic Left (S+D)

I support the aim of universal access to quality health services both on EU and global level.


Effie Chalatsi | Greece | MEP candidate | PASOK

I agree with all the 8 points. Good luck.


Paul Berettoni | France | MEP candidate | Parti Pirate

Current health politics are rather unsatisfying. Many conditions can nowadays be treated properly, but pharmaceutical patents are still a major obstacle as the costs they induce prevent many people from being actually treated.Let's build a better and healthier world: let's share the science!


Niki Tzavela | Greece | MEP candidate | New Democracy (European People's Party)

Congratulations on this noble initiative. I will support it in every way I can.


Gilles Pargneaux | France | MEP candidate | S&D

I fully support this initiative. Everyone should have access to timely, affordable, acceptable,and integrated quality health services!


Elena Valenciano | Spain | MEP candidate | PSOE

Access to health care is an universal right. You have my commitment and support for this initiative.


Tommaso Fattori | Italy | MEP candidate | Un'Altra Europa con Tsipras

L'Altra Europe are committed to taking responsibility for meeting their obligations at the international level and commit resources to ensure the right to health of all people - but Europe must be ready and willing to deal with the extraordinary global health crisis, focusing its efforts on the health of the poorest. Health is a fundamental human right, a commitment to justice, an essential contribution to poverty reduction, social development, and human security.


Emer Costello | Ireland | MEP candidate | Labour/S&D

I am fully commited to achieving a more coherent EU approach to health, both within the EU and globally.


Jordi Sebastià Talavera | Spain | MEP candidate | Coalició Compromís

As an MEP, I support and agree to defend your demands.


Inmaculada Rodríguez-Piñero | Spain | MEP | Grupo Parlamentario Socialista

Right to health


Andrea Zanoni | Italy | MEP | Partito Democratico

I give my full support to the Global Health Pledge for a healthy Europe.


Carlos Valero Martinez | Spain | MEP | Podemos

We will continue the fight...